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Lead Generation Specialist/Business Development Associate

Lead Generation Specialist/Business Development Associate

Posting #: 2024-004

Date of posting: May 21, 2024

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado 80524

Residency Requirement: U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident (Green Card)

Time commitment: Full time

Travel requirements: Yes

Reporting structure:  Reports to the CEO

Salary Range:  $70,000 – $95,000 (depending on experience)


Czero, an engineering firm specializing in helping our clients develop innovative technologies in the energy space, is seeking a motivated and customer-centric individual to join our team. While our engineers excel in their expertise and are fantastic at working with prospective clients to build trust and generate business, we need you to connect them with prospective customers' technical teams.

This is not a numbers game; this is about finding the right customer fits. Utilizing a collaborative, customized, personal soft-sell approach, you will generate leads, convey Czero’s value, understand customer needs, and prioritize building relationships. Your responsibilities include identifying and attracting potential customers through research, data analysis, and targeted strategies. You will generate interest, foster trust, and gather contact information from prospects, with the goal of converting these leads into qualified sales opportunities. Your role is crucial in driving business growth by ensuring a steady flow of qualified leads into the sales funnel, thereby driving revenue growth and business success.


Education & Experience

Bachelor's degree required

Minimum of 5 years of experience in a professional setting

Strong background and interest in energy related technologies

Representative tasks

Lead Generation - Build a pipeline of qualified leads that can be nurtured and turned into sales

·        Identify potential customers who could be good candidate companies for Czero services.  This can range from federal agencies, national labs, universities, and companies of all sizes

·        Research candidates using tools such as LinkedIn or the like to learn more about them and assess fit

·        Identify key individuals at the prospective companies to reach out to

·        Engage key individuals through in-person contact, email, text, phone or other means in effort to get them to engage with Czero staff

·        Arrange and coordinate meetings with contacts at the prospective companies with Czero engineering staff

·        Networking (both virtual and in-person)

o   Build and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with like-minded entities in the related fields

o   Research and identify potential networking events and evaluate applicability for Czero

o   Coordinate arrangements, registration, and travel as required for the events

o   Make Czero management aware of events and see if management or others should also attend the events

o   Represent Czero at industry events, primarily in Colorado, but nationally as well.  The needs are variable but on order of ~1-2 events/month in Colorado region, ~6 events/year nationally

o   Create, plan, and host multiple (1-2/year) networking events at Czero facility

·        External Communication & Marketing Collateral

o   Increase Czero’s online presence

o   Lead writing and publishing of:

§  social media posts

§  website content

§  quarterly newsletter

§  1-page documents

§  brochures

o   Work with management on final approval of external communications and collateral

o   Maintain organization of collateral on Czero server

o   Work on SEO in limited basis

o   Evaluate business case for creating Czero videos & oversee development process

§  Lead entire process of finding resources and overseeing production of the videos

§  Distribute videos internally and externally

·        CRM (SalesForce) Management

o   Update/keep current accounts and contacts

o   Assist management and others in updating CRM

o   Data analysis – utilize/mine the data

o   Create and produce relevant reports

·        Create Czero awareness/good-will as makes sense by spearheading, attending, or hosting events such as:

o   Environmental clean-up initiatives

o   Educational workshops and seminars

o   Community renewable energy projects

Business Development – Work w/Czero Management on other activities that help grow and improve the value of the company

·        Work with management to continually explore additional markets/industries

·        Explore additional business with existing and past client base

·        Work with management to examine and improve Czero’s business development processes

o   Periodically explore if there are efficiency gains to be had in any of the lead generation/BD process

o   Review processes and find new ways to do things more effectively

Essential for this position

  • Strong research and analytical skills
  • Knowledge, curiosity, and experience with or understanding of energy technologies, both conventional and renewable and their utilization.
  • Excellent listening, written and verbal communication and comprehension skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills to facilitate effective interactions with others
  • Genuine interest in what our customers are doing and helping them solve problems
  • Desire for continuous improvement
  • Proficiency in English and MS Office 365
  • Commitment to Czero’s mission and goals

Additional consideration given to those with experience in these areas

  • Lead generation and business development
  • CRM systems, especially SalesForce
  • Social media skills, especially Linkedin
  • Market research
  • Working with service companies
  • Working with engineering companies
  • Working with the government

The right fit for our team

We are looking for an individual who is authentic, smart, creative, hardworking, able to handle multiple activities simultaneously and is great at forging trust and building strong relationships both internally and externally. Everyone at Czero enjoys the challenge of tackling hard problems and is willing to put in the time and effort to solve them. Additionally, we have a true team environment, so it’s crucial that you can collaborate effectively with diverse team members.

If you join our team, you will find Czero an interesting, challenging, and rewarding place to work. Your contributions will make a significant impact on high-profile projects that are positive for our clients, the environment, and the economy.

Salary and Benefits

Czero offers a flexible and collaborative workplace with competitive salary and a generous benefits package, including:

  • Employer sponsored health insurance
  • Employer paid long term disability
  • 401k retirement plan with employer match
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Paid time off, accumulating from your first day
  • Annual discretionary bonus


Czero is a dynamic, rapidly evolving engineering services/contract research and development firm committed to delivering high-quality solutions to our clients.  Czero specializes in early-stage R&D in the areas of cleantech, energy, power generation, and transportation.  We are 17 years old and have delivered on over 400 projects to date. Our clients include the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, National Labs, Universities, and companies of all sizes including start-ups. Our team takes on wide-ranging engineering challenges, developing new technologies and delivering high quality proof-of-concept prototype systems. We are passionate about the environment, and our work centers on scalable, cost-effective solutions to increase energy efficiency, improve energy storage and delivery, and decrease harmful emissions. Czero has a strong network of partner companies, suppliers, and university collaboration partners, including Colorado State University often working with university researchers on cutting edge technology development. If you join our team, you will find Czero an interesting, challenging, and rewarding place to work. Your contributions will make a significant impact on high-profile projects that are positive for our clients, the environment, and the economy.

We celebrate employment equity and diversity. We encourage applications from all qualified individuals and do not discriminate based on disability, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, or any other basis protected under federal, state, provincial or local laws. Czero is an equal opportunity employer.


Please do not contact us regarding this or other positions at Czero; we already have an established relationship with a great recruiting team. Thanks!